TUTORIAL: How to check the RIGHT PRICE of catalytic converter from your car

What is a catalytic converter?
The catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of the car that aims to reduce toxic gases and pollutants from an internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction. The process that takes place through chemical reaction that occur at temperatures over 300 degrees Celsius, and this is handled by some catalytic elements such as: Platinum, Rhodium or Palladium.

Catalytic converter location on your car
The catalytic converter is located between the engine and the exhaust system, usually under the car or in front of the engine.

Why the catalytic converter is valuable?
I told you earlier that the chemical process is due to the three rare and precious metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium). So, a catalytic converter may contain these three metals in a greater or lesser amount depending on the type of catalytic converter. The price of these metals depend on their value on the metal exchange market, so the price of a catalytic converter can increase or decrease on each day.

How to check the right price for a catalytic converter?
In order not to be deceived by those who want to buy from you at a lower price than the normal price, you can check for yourself the correct price of the catalytic converter. How do you do that? Well, you can use the EcoCat App. You can download it from the AppStore or Google Play. But to use this App, you have to know the reference number from your catalytic converter.

Then you just have to sign up and then you look for free the price of one single catalytic converter per day. But if you subscribe, then you will have access to a specific number or unlimited number of searches, depending on the subscription purchased.

Where is my catalytic converter’s reference number?
Your catalytic converter has a reference number carved or printed on it. Therefore enables you to identify your catalyst. In our case is C130.

You can’t see the reference number. What you should do…
Try to clean the rust with a steel wool, iron brush or a cloth soaked in gasoline.

How to use EcoCat App
You just have to sign up and then you can look for the price of one single catalytic converter per day for free If you have not been able to identify the reference number, you can click on the Brands and look for the picture.

You can search for FREE only one reference number per day. If you want to search for more reference numbers per day then you will have to choose one of those subscriptions.

The price of the catalytic converter will be in your local currency.

The Eco Cat App give some information about the price of these metals depends on their value on the metal exchange market, so the price of a catalyst can increase or decrease from one day to the next.