TUTORIAL: How to install flip emblem (logo, badge) rear view camera for VW Golf Mk5 & Golf Mk6, Jetta in just 27 steps

In this video tutorial we will show you how to install flip logo (emblem, badge) rear view camera for VW Golf Mk5 & Golf Mk6, Jetta in just 27 simple steps. This flip camera it can be fit for: VW Passat B6, Passat B7, Passat B8, CC, GOLF 6, Golf 7, Polo, Beetle, etc.

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This rear view flip camera installation kit contains:
– flip badge camera
– 6 meter RCA cable
– 6 meter power cable
– drain pipe
– installation manual
– MIB2 adapter (for RCD330G)

Main features:

– Sony CCD sensor
– german motor
– 6 layers glass Lens
– 150° Wide Angle
– High Definition
– IP 6.8 Waterproof
– night vision
– plug and play

For VW Polo, the installation kit has an extra bracket and for VW Golf Mk5, you need to make some small modification to your car.

Price: 150- 200 €

Required tools for installation:
a T25 Torx
a trim tool
– a ratchet
– a flat blade screwdriver
– a 10 mm socket or a 10 mm wrench
– isolation tape

You have to buy also a fuse splitter and some zip ties for the rear view camera installation.

1. Remove the plastic part using a trim tool
2. Remove those two plastic parts from the panel
3. Remove those two bolt inside the handles
4. Pull the panel out to release it from the clips
5. Remove the plastic part
6 Disconnect the cables from the VW badge
7. Remove all three bolts using a T25 Torx
8. Rotate the badge to the right to remove it
9. Replace the badge with new flip camera and put those 3 bolts back
10. Connect the power cable (blue/red/black) to the rear view camera
11. Replace the rubber cap with the new drain pipe
Use scissors to adjust the end of the drain pipe.
Insert the other end into the VW badge hose.

12. Take the plastic part aside to remove the T25 bolt
13. Take the plastic cap out and remove those two bolts from inside
14. Remove the plastic part
15. Remove the 10 mm nut
16. Remove the Airbag plastic cover and take the T25 bolt out
Do not lose the bolt inside the car!
17. Remove the plastic part

18. Pop out the the grommet trunk lid from the left side
19. Get the RCA (video) cable (black) and the power cable (blue/red/black) through the grommet and go all along to the front of the car
Insert the RCA cable (black) is going from the inside to outside and the power cable in the opossite direction.

20. Connect the power cable and the RCA cable to the rear view camera
21. Connect the blue wire from the power cable to the reverse wire from the tail light harness
Our car has aftermarket tailights and we connect the blue wire to the yellow wire.

If you have OEM tailights, connect the blue wire to the first wire from the left to the right of the tail light harness.
22. Hide those two cables (power cable & RCA cable) beneath the plastic covers from the left side of the car
Go with the RCA cable behind the radio CD.
You have to take the head unit (radio CD) out.
23. Connect the MIB adapter (for RCD330G) to the quadlock harness and then to the radio CD
24. Connect the RCA cable to the MIB adapter
25. Install the black wire (negative) from the power cable on the fuse box bolt
For the installation, it is required a fuse splitter (2x10A).
26. Connect the red wire (positive) from the power cable to the fuse splitter (2x10A)
27. Insert the fuse splitter into the fuse box (on 16 position – in our case)

Use zip ties for the wires for the rear view camera.

You have to find a spot on fuse box that provides power when you don’t have the ignition on.
The flip camera pops up when you put the car in reverse.
You have different options, like controls for contrast, brightness and colour.
Don’t forget to install all the remaining parts from the trunk.

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