How to install tail lights FULL LED VW Golf 6 VI (2008-up) R20 Design Sequential Turning Light in 28 steps

In this video tutorial we are going to show you how to install Golf R tail lights (R20 Design) sequential turning light on VW Golf GTI, MK6 in 28 simple steps.

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Required tools:
– a T25 Torx (you can find 12-Piece Magnetic Torx Screwdrivers Set HERE:
– a trim tool (here you can find Trim Removal Tool Set for easy removal for Door Panels, Fasteners, Molding, Dashboards and Wheel Hubs:
– 8 mm socket
– 10 mm socket
– a ratchet

1. Remove the cover to have acces on the tail light holder
2. Disconnect the cables
3. Remove the plastic bolt
4. Remove the tail light
5. Remove the plastic cover to have acces at the T25 screw
6. Remove the screw using a T25 Torx
7. Remove the plastic cap and then remove those two screws from inside
8. Remove the lamp and disconnect the cables
9. Remove the plastic part
10. Remove the AIRBAG cap and take out the screw
11. Remove the plastic part using a trim tool
12. Remove the screw from the top using a 10 mm socket
13. Remove the plastic part
14. Remove those two plastic caps behind the tail lights
15. Remove those two screws using 8 mm socket
16. Remove the plastic cover
17. Remove also the plastic part
18. Disconnect the cables from the tail light
19. Use an 8 mm socket to remove the small tail light
20. Remove the tail light
21. Connect the cables to the new tail light and then install the tail light back on the car
22. Put the plastic bolt back
23. Remove the rubber
24. Install the new tail light
25. Take the wire from the big tail light and and connect it to the small tail light
26. Install the plastic cap (it’s included in the R20 tail lights package)
27. Connect the resistor to the tail light
28. Connect all the cables to the tail light

You have to find a spot to glue that decoder box.
Don’t forget to install all the remaining parts from the trunk.

These taillights R20 Design LED Taillights Position with Secvential Turning Light are compatible with Volkswagen Golf VI (2008-up.

Light: LED Brake Light / LED Turning Light / Halogen Bulb Fog Light / Halogen Bulb Reverse / Halogen Bulb E-Mark Certificate

Package Contains One set of Led Taillights (left-right).

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