Opel/Vauxhall Corsa C fuses and relay diagram

Fuses and relay diagram for the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa C 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,2004, 2005, 2006 model year. The fuse box is located in engine compartment of Opel Corsa C.

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R1 – Engine control (EC) relay
R2 – Wheel speed sensor signal converter left-without ABS (except sequential mechanical gearbox)
R3 – Wheel speed sensor signal converter right – without ABS (with sequential mechanical gearbox)
R4 – Fuel pump relay-petrol
R5 – Heated rear window relay
R6 – Headlamp washer pump relay
R7 – Ignition auxiliary circuits relay
R8 – Starter motor relay
R9 – Ignition main circuits relay
R10 – Rear fog lamp relay
R11 – Fog lamps relay
R12 – Side/tail lamps relay-right
R13 – Headlamp high beam relay
R14 – Side/tail lamps relay-left
R15 – Headlamp low beam relay

F1 – (7,5A) Multifunction control module
F2 – (7,5A) Engine management
F3 – (7,5A) Digital multifunction display, hazard warning lamps, horn, immobilizer, instrument panel
F4 – (5A) Licence plate lamp
F5 – (20A) Electric windows
F6 – (10A) Automatic transmission (AT)
F7 – (30A) Head lamp washers
F8 – (10A) Starter motor
F9 – (20A) Auxiliary heater, engine management, fuel pump relay
F10 – (10A) Horn
F11 – (15A) Multifunction control module
F12 – (20A) Audio system, digital multifunction display
F13 – (10A) Alarm system
F14 – (7,5A) Electric door mirrors
F15 – (10A) Windscreen washers
F16 – (5A) Interior lamps
F17 – (20A) Multifunction control module
F18 – (20A) Sunroof
F19 – (5A) Alarm system
F20 – (20A) Electric windows
F21 –
F22 – (5A) Multifunction control module
F23 – (20A) Windscreen wipers
F24 – (5A) Immobilizer, instrument panel, interior lamps, power steering, digital multifunction display
F25 – (10A) Stop lamps
F26 – (10A) Cigarette lighter – petrol
F27 – (15A) Heated seats
F28 – (15A) Heated seats
F29 – (20A) Windscreen washers
F30 – (15A) Engine management-petrol
F31 – (15A) Air-conditioning (AC)
F32 – (5A) Anti-lock brake system (ABS), heated rear window
F33 –
F34 – (30A) Fuel heater (Diesel)
F35 – (5A) Audio system, electric windows, sunroof
F36 – (10A) LH headlamp-low beam
F37 – (10A) RH headlamp-low beam
F38 – (5A) LH side/tail lamps
F39 – (5A) RH side/tail lamps
F40 –
F41 – (15A) Fog lamps
F42 – (10A) Rear fog lamps
F43 – (10A) LH headlamp-high beam
F44 – (10A) RH headlamp-high beam
F45 – (30A) Air conditioning (AC)
F46 – (20A) Engine management
F47 – (30A) Heated rear window
F48 – (30A) Starter motor
F49 – (50A) Power steering
F50 – (40A) Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
F51 – (60A) Sequential mechanical gearbox (petrol).

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